NHA Staff Promotions 

The National Horseracing Authority is pleased to announce the following promotions: 

-           Dr Roehann Sutherland will be promoted to NHA Senior Veterinary Surgeon with effect from 1 November 2018. 

-           Mr Lennon Maharaj has been promoted to the position of Senior Handicapper with effect from 1 September 2018. 

The NHA wishes both Roehann and Lennon every success in their new positions.



The National Horseracing Authority announces that the Chief Executive has for personal reasons, taken leave of absence until 25 September 2018.  In the interim, the affairs of the NHA will be supervised and managed by the Chairman of the Board, assisted by the Executive Management.


An independent panel consisting of Messrs V Moodley, J Vermaak and R S Napier convened on 30 August 2018 by teleconference, to hear a MR Appeal lodged by Trainer Andre Nel, on behalf of the horse PLEASEDTOMEETYOU, against the Merit Rating of 92 allotted to this colt after it had won Race 1 at Kenilworth Racecourse on 7 August 2018. 

The Panel by unanimous decision, decided to dismiss the appeal on the basis that the horses with the exposed form ran way below their previous two starts from a margin perspective and the Handicappers had no option but to rate the race in the manner in which they did.  PLEASEDTOMEETYOU’s rating is within the handicapping guidelines. 

Based on the fact that the top four positions were filled by first time runners, the handicappers were forced to apply more ‘art and science’, rather than the traditional line horse methodology, in determining the rating of the race.  The deposit fee will be refunded.


The National Horseracing Authority regrets to inform you of the unfortunate happenings with regards to the courier services after the Vodacom Durban July. 

On Saturday 7 July 2018, sometime after 21h30 the courier service vehicle, which was transporting the post-race equine specimens taken after every race on the day, from Greyville Racecourse, was pulled over on the N2 freeway by an unmarked white VW Golf 7. This unmarked vehicle had a flashing blue light as well as a PA system. The driver assumed that it was a police vehicle and followed their instructions to pull over. The driver was ordered to get out of the courier vehicle and told to lie down on the ground. Three plain-clothed males alighted from the unmarked white vehicle and proceeded to rob the driver of his personal effects, including his wallet and cell phone. The three men also accessed the courier vehicle and removed all the sealed boxes containing the raceday specimens. They then left, leaving the vehicle and driver at the scene. The courier service has opened a criminal case at the Westville Police Station. 

On Sunday 8 July 2018 at 11h30, a woman was walking in the Pigeon Valley Nature Reserve in Glenwood, Durban, to visit family members who stayed in the vicinity. On the pathway she found the specimen boxes, which had been forced open, with the specimens still inside. She then noticed that there was information on the boxes which stated “Greyville 7/7/2018”. On her return to the area a few hours later, she saw that the boxes had disappeared. 

The courier company is waiting for the case number to be assigned.

The National Horseracing Authority has pleasure in announcing the composition of the Stipendiary Board that will officiate at the Vodacom Durban July Racemeeting at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday, 7 July 2018: 

                        Shaun Parker - Chief Stipendiary Steward (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

                        Lyle Anderson - Chief Stipendiary Steward (Central Provinces)

                        Ernie Rodrigues – Chief Stipendiary Steward (Western Cape)

                        Rakesh Jeewanlall – Deputy Chief Stipendiary Steward (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

                        Derk Anderson – Senior Stipendiary Steward

                        Timothy Nhlapho – Stipendiary Steward   

 A review of The General Stud Book of Southern Africa identified several horses that were imported and new names issued in South Africa without approval from the horse's Stud Book of birth. To comply and be aligned with the requirements of the International Stud Book Committee the affected horses have changed names to those approved by the horse’s Stud Book of birth. 


The National Horseracing Authority confirms that the registered names of the following imported horses have been changed with immediate effect: 


Ø  Casino King (AUS) bay gelding, sired by Casino Prince (AUS), out of the mare, Tomescu (AUS) bred by Calumet Farm (AUS), foaled on 7 September 2013, has been changed to that of KING OF CASINO’S (AUS). 

Ø  Coys (AUS) brown gelding, sired by Uncle Mo (USA), out of the mare, Calvello (AUS) bred by Odessa Stud Australia (AUS), foaled on 16 October 2014 trained by Mr Paul Lafferty has been changed to that of OUR COYS (AUS). 

Ø  Gasoline (AUS) bay gelding, sired by Teofilo (IRE), out of the mare, Decibella (AUS) bred by Mr R Harvey (AUS), foaled on 24 October 2011, has been changed to that of WHERE YOU (AUS). 

Ø  Dreamsaremadeof (AUS) chestnut filly, sired by Dream Ahead (USA), out of the mare, Cangino (AUS) bred by Pedrille Thoroughbreds (AUS), foaled 7 August 2014, has been changed to that of DREAMS ARE MADE (AUS). 

Ø  Majestic Glory (AUS) bay colt, sired by Equiano (FR), out of the mare, Perfect Spirit (NZ) bred by Ms. J Borg (AUS), foaled on 23 September 2014 trained by Mr Paul Lafferty has been changed to that of MY MAJESTIC GLORY (AUS). 

Ø  Moon Shadow (AUS) bay or brown gelding, sired by Pluck (USA), out of the mare, Saigon Moonlight (NZ) bred by John Stuart Investments (AUS), foaled on 14 October 2013 trained by Mr Paul Lafferty has been changed to that of OUR MOON SHADOW (AUS). 

Ø  Zinzara (AUS) bay mare, sired by Husson (ARG), out of the mare, Overspeed (AUS) bred by Patinack Farm (AUS), foaled on 15 November 2012 trained by Mr Paul Lafferty has been changed to that of MY ZINZARA (AUS). 


Previously published name changes: 

Ø    In Clover (AUS) bay filly (sired by Delago Deluxe (AUS), out of the mare Bounding Along (AUS), bred by Nordic Racing and Breeding, NSW foaled on 8 August 2014 and trained by Mr D Steyn, has been changed to that of WALLABY WANABE (AUS). 

Ø  Agencefrancepresse (AUS) bay gelding (sired by Lope De Vega (IRE), out of the mare Belle Bizarre (AUS), bred by Patinack Farm, NSW foal on 25 August 2013 and trained by Mr Douglas Campbell, has been change to that of STAND BY ME (AUS).


The NHA have taken note of the reports about the unhappiness of some of the industry Stakeholders. As the regulator we are very concerned about the threat of boycott and the substance of the discontent. 

Over the last few months we have been made aware of a number of issues that have  caused unhappiness and we have taken it to heart and started addressing a number of these issues.

We have to realise that  to turn this ship around takes a massive effort. It’s not easy to correct old habits, to build a cohesive team that’s focused on addressing issues. We don’t get credit for what has been achieved, but instead we are constantly being hammered for what has not been achieved as yet. We can’t correct in a short space of time what has been left undone for many years. We therefore call for continued dialogue and interaction on these matters. This also helps us to focus and ensure that we are dealing with the pressure points. One of our biggest issues is that the internal staff have been at times subversive in undermining the change efforts.

The National Board is very much aware of the matters at hand and are not insensitive to the industry sentiment. The Board has urged Management and the Chief Executive to address the many problem areas.

So, what have we achieved thus far:

  1. Finalized and started implementing a comprehensive business plan;
  2. We have become more customer-centric (renewal forms abolished, simpler processes, improved problem solving);
  3. We have launched an upgraded user-friendly website;
  4. We have an increased sense of urgency to ensure things get done (in most departments);
  5. Engaged in dialogue with Stakeholders to take some of their views on board (trainers, rules, aftercare, etc.);
  6. The Rules Committee was enhanced for the first time, to include representatives from jockeys, trainers and owners;
  7. We have reduced the number of non-performers;
  8. We have reduced the number of staff for improved efficiency;
  9. Made a number of positive changes in the Stud Book Department, however we are aware that more needs to be done;
  10. We have commissioned a Senior Council opinion on how we interpret Strict Liability;
  11. We had a black type race ratings review and averted any immediate further downgrades;
  12. Employed a consultant to assist the trainers to give us the recommended input on the handicapping system.

Areas that are currently under development:

  1. The entire Rules book needs a revamp – we will announce the process of revamping;
  2. We will discuss the plea-bargaining position at the next Board meeting;
  3. Amend our Rules to incorporate the opinion on how we interpret Strict Liability;
  4. The way forward with respect to the Objection Appeal Board;
  5. Implement a revamped handicapping system;
  6. Revamping the Stud Book to ensure full international compliance. 

The extent of what needs to be done cannot be underestimated given the long neglect of many of the key issues. We will try our best to use the stones being hurled at us as building blocks for success. We do not take the comments lightly. However, we cannot perform miracles overnight.

The challenge is to get our internal alignment right so that we can deal with the many issues facing us as a team. We are also acutely aware that, given our position, we will never satisfy everyone although it is disconcerting when we have such a huge group of Stakeholders who are unhappy. Of course, not all complaints and issues that have been aired have been portrayed correctly or are necessarily true.

Perhaps a better approach would be to engage the Chairman and myself in an open and frank discussion, where we can plan together instead of always opposing each other and trying to belittle and trample on each other. We will welcome this approach. I’ve had a few one-on-ones with trainers to explain our position. We need to spend our time collectively building new foundations for success and not defending our positions.