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With the resignation of Mr J J (Hannes) du Toit on 14 January 2019 with immediate effect, a position became vacant on the National Board of Directors of The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa (the NHA).  In terms of Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the NHA, the Nominations Committee has appointed Mrs Susan Rowett to fill the vacancy on the National Board in terms of clause 15.1.1 of the Constitution.  This appointment is effective from 1 February 2019. 

Mrs Rowett holds a Master of Jurisprudence degree and a Master of Management degree and is a Director of a multinational packaging company.  As a Thoroughbred Racehorse Breeder and Owner, Mrs Rowett has been actively involved in the Horseracing Industry in South Africa for forty years.

Mrs Rowett has served as Chairperson on various Boards within the Horseracing Industry and previously served as a National Board Director from November 2012 until April 2016 when the Constitution of the NHA was amended, at a Special General Meeting, in order to restructure the National Board.

The Sun Met 

Following careful analysis by Handicappers Lennon Maharaj, Matthew Lips and Vee Moodley, RAINBOW BRIDGE has seen an increase in his merit rating from 119 to 124 following his triumph in the Grade 1 Sun Met at Kenilworth on Saturday 26 January. 

It was unanimously agreed amongst the handicapping panel that the correct line horse to use as a means of rating the Sun Met was 4th placed UNDERCOVER AGENT.  While he was trying the distance of 2 000m for the first time, it was noted that UNDERCOVER AGENT and 5th placed LEGAL EAGLE finished virtually alongside each other for the third time in succession, having done so too in the Green Point Stakes and later in the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate.   This remarkable consistency shown by both horses at the highest level led to the strong conclusion that UNDERCOVER AGENT would not have run below his best in the Sun Met and that he is therefore a logical choice of line horse. 

Thus, RAINBOW BRIDGE is now rated 124, while runner-up DO IT AGAIN (who was second last at the 400m mark) remains a 125 despite this defeat, based on his impressive Queen’s Plate win.  HEAD HONCHO, who made a brave attempt to win the Met with pillar-to-post tactics, is now rated 122, up from his pre-Met rating of 114.  He has clearly more than confirmed the promise he showed when a runaway winner of the Gr 2 Premier Trophy in December.  In rating HEAD HONCHO 122, the handicappers took into account that he had over-raced for much of the 2 000m distance and that he had hung out visibly on the bend, so it is believed to have been a run full of merit and worthy of a 122 rating, LEGAL EAGLE’s rating has been dropped from 121 to 120, which is his season’s best mark, achieved when winning the Green Point Stakes.  In other changes, TAP O’NOTH’s rating drops from 112 to 110, 2018 Sun Met winner OH SUSANNA’s rating has been trimmed from 121 to 119, and HAT PUNTANO drops to 106 from 109.


Betting World Cape Flying Championship 

KASIMIR’s rating was upped from 111 to 117 after he comfortably landed the day’s first Grade 1 event, the Cape Flying Championship over 1000m.  Here, 5th placed TRIP TO HEAVEN was used as the line horse.  TRIP TO HEAVEN has consistently shown a similar level of form in major sprint races all around South Africa for a number of years, and it is reasonable to believe that he once again ran his usual race here.  

KASIMIR has been clearly progressive in Cape Town this season and was able to win despite meeting several horses on less favourable weight terms than in several recent encounters.  This was certainly a career-best effort, and a six pound raise in his rating reflects that.   Runner-up BOLD RESPECT, who was comfortably beaten by KASIMIR again despite meeting that rival on 6.5 kgs better terms for a 2.75 lengths beating in the Gr 2 Merchants at Kenilworth last November, has been dropped from 118 to 116 to have him rated below KASIMIR.

Third placed SEARCH PARTY goes up from 106 to 112, while 4th finisher PACIFIC TRADER also goes to 112 from a pre-race mark of 110.   In other changes, ATTENBOROUGH was dropped from 112 to 110, 2018 Cape Flying Championship winner SERGEANT HARDY drops from 115 to 112 on the back of numerous below-par efforts, DUTCH PHILP was trimmed from 107 to 106, and ROCKY VALLEY goes to 99 from 101. 


GBets Cape Derby 

ATYAAB saw his rating climb from 92 to 109 after he won the GBets Cape Derby.   Here, the Handicappers were of the opinion that 3rd placed HERODOTUS would not have run worse than when he finished 4th in the Gr 2 Concord Cup won by ONE WORLD last November and used that as a key to rate the Derby.  In rating the Derby this way, 5th placed HELEN’S IDEAL runs to the same level of 98 that she achieved when she finished 7th in the Cape Fillies Guineas behind FRONT AND CENTRE in December.  There is thus a very neat correlation between the form behind top colt ONE WORLD and top filly FRONT AND CENTRE, and ATYAAB is clearly a progressive colt whose rating is befitting of a Grade 1 winner. 

Derby runner-up CHARLES was raised from a rating of 94 to 108, while line horse HERODOTUS now has a rating of 105, which is reflective of his ability and is not subject to the Handicapping guidelines which prevented his rating from being increased to what he actually achieved in the Concord Cup.   Derby 4th BUNKER HUNT has had his rating upped from 93 to 104.  The only horse whose rating dropped as a result of the Derby is PERPETUAL FLAME, who goes from 84 to 80. 


Bidvest Majorca Stakes 

CLOUDS UNFOLD was raised from a rating of 109 to 115 after she reversed Cape Fillies Guineas form with hitherto unbeaten FRONT AND CENTRE by winning the Bidvest Majorca Stakes.  Here, the Handicappers were of the unanimous opinion that 4th placed FRESNAYE should be used as the line horse to assess the race, having also finished 4th in the Grade 1 Paddock Stakes at her previous start three weeks earlier.   In that race FRESNAYE was also beaten by LADY IN BLACK, who beat the line horse again in the Majorca Stakes by finishing 2ndLADY IN  BLACK’s rating remains unchanged on 117. 

3rd placed FRONT AND CENTRE has had her rating upped from 110 to 112 .  In other changes, last year’s Majorca Stakes winner SNOWDANCE was dropped from 114 to 112, and FIORELLA drops from 106 to 104. 


CTS 1200 and CTS 1600 

In conclusion, it is noted that the Handicappers’ assessment was vindicated in both of the day’s other R5 million races when the top rated horse won each of the CTS sales events, CIRILLO (rated 111) in the 1200m race and ONE WORLD (rated 117) in the 1600m event, where he and runner-up TWIST OF FATE (rated 115) confirmed their ratings perfectly.  These horses thus confirmed the form they had shown throughout the Cape summer racing season.

RACE 7 : INTERBET.CO.ZA 0861 150 160 PINNACLE STAKES : 1000M (K280) : KENILWORTH : 29/12/2018

Jockey O Noach (SPEEDPOINT) reported that this colt did not stride out freely in running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine the colt on its return to the unsaddling enclosure and submit a report. The Veterinary Surgeon confirmed that SPEEDPOINT (O Noach) returned not striding out.

SPEEDPOINT is carded to run in Race 6 on Saturday 26 January 2019. 


RACE 6 : SUPABETS 0861 76 22 37 MR 86 HANDICAP : 1000M (K270) : KENILWORTH : 22/12/2018

In view of the performance from MAC ‘N SCAR (S Veale) (8.20 lengths), the Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine the gelding on its return to the unsaddling enclosure and submit a report.  The Veterinary Surgeon reported that MAC ‘N SCAR (S Veale) returned not striding out in front.

MAC ‘N SCAR is carded to run in Race 12 on Saturday 26 January 2019.

 The National Horseracing Authority has pleasure in announcing the Stipendiary Board that will officiate at the Sun Met Race Meeting at Kenilworth Racecourse on   Saturday, 26 January 2019. 

Ernie Rodrigues - Chief Stipendiary Steward, Western Cape with over thirty years’ experience as a Stipendiary Steward, including lengthy service as a senior member of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Stipendiary Board. 

Shaun Parker - Chief Stipendiary Steward, Kwa-Zulu Natal with over twenty  years’ experience as a senior member of the Eastern Cape,  Central Provinces and British Stipendiary Boards. 

Lyle Anderson - Chief Stipendiary Steward, Central Provinces, has extensive experience in the Horseracing Industry, including successful stints as a Trainer and Racing Administrator. 

Nicholas Shearer - Deputy Chief Stipendiary Steward, Western Cape with extensive experience in the Horseracing Industry as a Jockey and having served as a Stipendiary Steward in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Central Provinces Stipendiary Boards. 

Timothy Nhlapho - Stipendiary Steward, KwaZulu-Natal, who has been licenced for twelve years in the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Cecil van As - Stipendiary Steward, Western Cape, who has been licenced for twelve years in the Western Cape. 

The Racing Operator has multiple international and local commitments and has requested that we try, as far as possible, to ensure that the race times are adhered to.  For example, Hong Kong Territory will be participating from Races 4 to 10 and obviously there are other broadcasting obligations that need to be met.  The Board, together with other race day Officials will try to ensure that all of the requests are adhered to, whilst not compromising the local public. 

Certain strategic procedures will be implemented in order to achieve the above.

On 15 January 2019,  after the running of the 6th race at the Vaal Racecourse the Chief Stipendiary Steward, Mr Lyle Anderson, was approached by Trainer Mr Scott Kenny who queried the eligibility of the winner, SUGOI. 

Mr Kenny pointed out that in terms of Local conditions pertaining to assessment races on the Highveld, he was of the opinion that SUGOI has not met its obligation of participating in two assessment plates before being allowed to run in a handicap on the Highveld and as such should not have been allowed to run in race 6 on 15 January 2019.  Mr Kenny was advised that the NHA Handicapping Panel included SUGOI in the race as the Handicappers were satisfied that SUGOI had already competed in two assessment races since winning its maiden.  

The Handicappers used both the MR 72 Handicap that SUGOI competed  at Greyville Racecourse on 12 December 2018, as well as the assessment plate on 29 November 2018 and therefore deemed that SUGOI  has had its two obligatory runs in assessment races, being of the view that any race (excluding the Highveld) in which a horse is eligible to run, will be used as an assessment run.  Thus, SUGOI’s run in a Kwazulu-Natal Handicap was deemed to have satisfied the assessment plate conditions.  

The National Horseracing Authority’s application is summarised as follows: 

Should a winner of a maiden race within its first five starts compete in any race for which it is eligible in another province, that race will count as one of the said horse’s mandatory assessment runs

On 9 July 2018 the NHA issued a Press Release relating to the theft of sealed post-race specimen boxes containing specimens which were collected at the Vodacom Durban July 2018 race day at Greyville Racecourse. These boxes were taken from the courier company at gunpoint by unknown assailants.  Some of these specimen boxes were later noticed by a member of the public where these were abandoned in a nature reserve in Durban. 

The police subsequently took three of the boxes into evidence. The boxes that were found had all of the 20 specimens intact. Some were Original specimens and some were Reference specimens. Original specimens are routinely analysed at the NHA Laboratory. The corresponding, identical Reference specimens are normally kept intact as a mechanism for independent analysis at an alternative racing laboratory. These boxes were subsequently released by the police to the NHA and they were then forwarded to the NHA Laboratory. Whilst all the boxes were physically forced open, all of the contained specimens were still intact. All of the bottles and the bottle seals were also intact.  This was a significant observation as it showed that none of the specimens were tampered with at any stage.   It was therefore still possible to analyse these intact specimens. 

Although these urine specimens were not ideally stored whilst the police investigation was ongoing, the NHA Laboratory however still followed normal practice and screened the specimens for the presence of any prohibited substances. The deterioration of these specimens was not ideal as they were compromised by the abovementioned incident.  However, employing the highly sensitive screening instrumentation of the NHA Laboratory, no prohibited substances were in fact detected in these specimens. 

Further preventative measures have been instituted with immediate effect in order to ensure that similar incidences do not occur in the future.  

This matter has now been finalised and the file has been closed.

L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (WFA) Grade 1 – Race 7 

Following a comprehensive discussion between the NHA Handicapping panel consisting of Messrs Lennon Maharaj, Matthew Lips and Vee Moodley, DO IT AGAIN has seen his Merit Rating increased from 120 to 125, in the wake of his victory in an exceptional renewal of the Grade 1 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate at Kenilworth on Saturday.  The 2018 Vodacom Durban July winner showed both his versatility and his class when collaring sole three-year-old SOQRAT in the shadows of the post to land what was widely billed as one of the highest average MR Group 1 and the Handicappers are perfectly satisfied that the four-year-old is worthy of his new status as the highest rated horse in South Africa. 

The Handicappers assessed the Queen’s Plate on the basis that LEGAL EAGLE and UNDERCOVER AGENT confirmed exactly their form out of the Green Point Stakes, and that UNDERCOVER AGENT and SNOWDANCE almost exactly replicated their form out of the Rising Sun Gold Challenge which was run at Greyville last June. 

There is every reason to believe that DO IT AGAIN could have improved five pounds on what he showed when beaten a short head by LEGAL EAGLE in the four-way photo finish to the Green Point Stakes.  DO IT AGAIN was making his seasonal debut on that occasion, having not raced since winning the Vodacom Durban July, whereas all three of those around him had run (and won) at least once in the current season. There seems no doubt that DO IT AGAIN stepped up on his Green Point Stakes performance to win the Queen’s Plate against arguably the best field of milers assembled for a race in South Africa in many years.

 As a result of the Queen’s Plate, SOQRAT’s rating has been increased to 124.  The Cape Guineas winner came into the Queen’s Plate previously unbeaten from two starts over 1600m – both of them at Grade 1 level. The runner-up out of the Cape Guineas, TWIST OF FATE, easily won the Grade 3 BMW Politician Stakes on Queen’s Plate day to also underline the strength of the Guineas form.  SOQRAT is a progressive three-year-old who looks full value for his 124 rating after only losing the Queen’s Plate in the dying strides. 

RAINBOW BRIDGE also appears to have stepped up considerably on his Green Point Stakes run and his rating has been increased to 119.  In the Queen’s Plate he met DO IT AGAIN, LEGAL EAGLE and UNDERCOVER AGENT on 2 kgs worse terms than in the Green Point, yet was able to reverse form with two of them easily.  There is every reason to believe that RAINBOW BRIDGE performed better in the Queen’s Plate than in the Green Point, where he ran to 116 despite appearing unsuited to the slow early pace and generally not having a great deal go his way.  A mark of 119 for him looks perfectly reasonable and confirms his place as a progressive and highly capable emerging force on the scene. 

Other changes following from the Queen’s Plate are LEGAL EAGLE dropping from 123 to 121, HAT PUNTANO drops from 112 to 109, and INFAMOUS FOX’S rating has been cut from 103 to 101.  These drops are more indicative of the two horses’ deteriorating form in recent starts and are not directly linked to their performances in the Queen’s Plate, where HAT PUNTANO was the subject of a veterinary check after his Jockey reported that he felt something amiss with the Argentine-bred import. 

Cartier Paddock Stakes (WFA) (Grade 1) – Race 6 

There were fewer significant rating changes following the day’s other Grade 1 race, the Cartier Paddock Stakes for fillies and mares over 1800m.  The Handicappers feel confident that the highly consistent 3rd placed CASCAPEDIA is the correct line horse for the race and accordingly have rated the race to a level of 118.  However, the winner OH SUSANNA’S rating remains unchanged on 121.  Runner-up LADY IN BLACK’S rating has been upped from 108 to 117, while 4th placed FRESNAYE goes up from 104 to 110 and 5th placed SECOND REQUEST has seen her rating raised from 101 to 104.  SECRET REQUEST ran to a rating of 108 and was effectively given a half way increase. 

The rating of the runners that were reduced were HASHTAGYOLO (from 104 to 101) and ELUSIVE HEART, who drops to 100 from 103. The balance of the field remains unchanged.



The National Horseracing Authority




The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa (NHA) confirms that former Executive Director : Sports Betting  (Phumelela Gaming & Leisure), Vee Moodley, is raring to go in his new role as Chief Executive of the NHA, the body entrusted with controlling the sport of horseracing in South Africa. 

Moodley resigned from his position at Phumelela last month to take up his new post and is returning to familiar territory. He takes up office today on 2 January 2019. 

He was Racing Control Executive and Chief Executive designate of the NHA back in 2010, when he resigned to lead the Groups Betting Division at PGL. 

“That was an opportunity I could not afford to miss at that stage of my career and my time at Phumelela has been absolutely invaluable in broadening my knowledge of horseracing.  But I am pleased to be back at the NHA.  Having a singular focus, high on attention to detail and a vision to accomplish, I am raring to go.  The organisation is facing many challenges that I fully comprehend and shall relish dealing with”, Moodley said. 

One of Moodley’s immediate goals in his new role is to introduce a high-performance culture and ensure the NHA lives up to its mission statement of maintaining the integrity of the sport of horseracing. 

“I will be ably supported by the NHA National Board under the chairmanship of Ken Truter and the existing executive and management teams. Strengthening those teams is high on my agenda, as is ensuring that the transformation goals of the organisation are accomplished within a reasonable timeframe,” he said. 

There are numerous other issues that Moodley is keen to tackle. 

“We need to give maximum attention to the proposed Amendment Gambling Bill. The recommendations contained therein have positive implications for the NHA and we need to fast track putting in place the independence that is critical for this organisation to properly carry out its role.” 

A clear and effective communications strategy is also on the priority list, as is resolving any outstanding issues. 

“There’s much to be done, but I am looking forward to every aspect of the job, including working together with the different role players/stakeholders to ensure that the sport of horseracing is the winner at the end of the day.  Everybody in the industry will be treated equally and fairly and there will be no discrimination. Horseracing’s integrity is paramount to its future”, he said. 

“I am also very aware, that my energies need to be directed at the critical important items whilst NOT neglecting the important issues, many that are on the table as we speak”, he added. 

With a spirit of co-operation, consistency and transparency as the key factors, Moodley is confident of a positive outlook for the NHA. 

For any queries/suggestions/comments, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Vee Moodley

Chief Executive

The National Horseracing Authority


The National Horseracing Authority is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Vee Moodley as the new Chief Executive, effective 1st January, 2019. 

Mr Moodley has a stellar career in the horseracing industry, building a wealth of experience and deep knowledge in almost every aspect of the Sport over the past 15 years. 

After working as a group accountant, Mr Moodley opted for a career change and began as a Handicapper with the NHA in 2003.  He was then promoted to Racing Control Manager in 2007 and by the end of 2008 he was identified as the Chief Executive designate of the NHA with full working knowledge of the regulatory body, its rules and all of its functions. 

In 2010, he was then headhunted to join Phumelela Gaming and Leisure where he became the Executive Director for Sports Betting, and later became Chief Executive of Betting World as well as a member of the main board of Phumelela.  He also served on the boards of Kenilworth Racing, Betting World East Cape, Supabets, Superworld and the South African Jockeys Academy.   

He currently is a member of the National Racing Committee, National Fixtures Committee, the Handicapping Appeal Committee and the Race Programme Committee. 

A man with an unbridled and passionate commitment to thoroughbred horseracing.  In order to avoid of any conflict of interest, Mr Moodley accepts the post of Chief Executive of the NHA on the grounds that he will no longer hold any directorships nor shares or share options in any part of Phumelela or its betting operations and that his sole and complete focus will be to steer the course of the regulatory body in all its aspects. 

In welcoming Mr Moodley, the Board of the NHA believes that his vast experience will enable him to provide a visionary leadership role with strong financial and strategic skills that will enhance the future, the integrity and the transformation of the Sport of Horseracing as well as the core functions of The National Horseracing Authority.