Rule 58.10.2 - Guideline M – Use of the Crop - Hitting a HORSE more than 12 times in the entire race

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that after Guideline M on the use of the crop was amended, effective 10 May 2019, to limit the use of the crop to 12 strikes in the entire race, the general use of the crop has been closely monitored to establish if any further amendments should be considered.

Whilst the limit of 12 strikes is still above the number of strikes permitted in some Racing Jurisdictions, The National Horseracing Authority is satisfied that the provisions of Guideline M is a step in the right direction to where it wants to be positioned in the future regarding the use of the crop.

The use of the crop in the back hand position whilst the Rider’s hands are on the reins, will continue to not be counted as a strike.