Fairview Racecourse – Loading of Horses into Incorrect Starting Stalls

An investigation was opened into two horses being loaded and jumping from the incorrect Starting Stalls in Race 1, at Fairview on 10 May 2019.

During the course of the investigation it was found that the NHA Starters had failed to perform and fulfil their functions and obligations respectively. As this is the second offence of this nature, an internal disciplinary process will take place and the appropriate sanction will be given.

The Rules of the NHA stipulate that it is the obligation of the Rider to ensure that his horse is ridden into the correct starting stall (Rule The Stipendiary Board was of the opinion that the error did not affect the outcome of the race and on that basis, the Jockeys in question Mr G Cheyne and Mr K Steyn will be given the penalty of a warning as this is their first offence of this nature.